Water coming to life
through porous ceramic

A healthy body needs water to function.
Our bodies are even 60% water.
It is only natural that we should expect the water
we drink to be healthy and free of unpleasant aftertastes.

Bring out the best taste in the water
with the cerapotta, a porous ceramic filter
made using traditional Japanese techniques.

Invisible holes, a striking difference

Using tiny pores only 5μm wide - thinner than a human hair - the cerapotta filters out impurities and preserves the water's essential flavor.
Adjust your pouring technique creating deep or light flavors to suit your tastes easily. Makes enough for 1-4 cups at a time, ideal for enjoying refreshments alone or with friends.

Easy maintenance

No need for soaps or detergents - just rinse after use!
If the drip speed becomes slow or a sour aftertaste persists, the filter may be clogged and need maintenance. Can be sterilized by boiling over stove or in microwave. Materials used are naturally antifouling for easy care and cleaning.

Tough on impurities, kind to the environment

We have endeavored to convey our artisans' deep respect for the materials used in this product.
cerapotta can be used repeatedly, creating less waste compared to paper filters. We also recycle excess materials at the production stage, further reducing the strain on the environment. Easy to care for but suitable for semi-permanent use, the cerapotta is the start of a brand new coffee experience.

Combines Japanese tradition & technology

Hasami porcelain ware has been made in Nagasaki for the last 400 years. The cerapotta represents a coming together of these traditional techniques with the latest modern technology. Forming, drying, and firing is still done by artisans as it was in the past. The ceramic's texture, the sound it makes while filtering, and the subtle aromas it brings out are a perfect match for Japanese aesthetics.