ceramic coffee filter

When rain and snow fall upon the earth, it works its way through layers of rock before reemerging years later from springs and rivers.
The cerapotta coffee filter preserves the spirit of that natural filtration process, removing oils and impurities that cause unwanted flavors and aromas. Whether you like your coffee strong or weak, the cerapotta will bring out its essential flavor like never before.

ceramic coffee filter

Size (Approx.)Filter:φ100 × H110mm
Stand:φ100 × H5mm
Weight (Approx.)Filter:115g Stand:60g
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How to use
Worried about caring for this specialized material or your pouring technique? Put your mind at ease! The cerapotta is perfect for beginners and veterans alike.
PreparationPour boiled water through the filter before adding coffee to rinse and warm the cup.
* Coffee oils may build up and cause clogs with repeated use. * Rinse with hot water before and after use to help prevent this.
Bean quantity1-2 cupsApprox. 20-30g (level 1-2 from the bottom)
3-4 cupsApprox. 40-50g (level 3-4 from the bottom)
How to grindRecommended
Filters out impurities for a more well-balanced flavor. Easy to clean and hard to get clogged, for a more essential coffee aroma.
Perfect for bringing out a clear taste.
* Not for use with fine ground coffee. This may cause clogging.
Hot water temperatureRecommended for use with water between 194-203°F / 90-95° (High temperature achieves better results due to fast filter speed)
About the scaleGuide indicates ideal amount of coffee.

First line from the bottom represents 20g, with each subsequent line being another 10g.
The key to make it tasty

Example: For 2 cups (30g beans / 360ml hot water)
Pour hot water over the beans and steam for 30 seconds.
LightFor each serving, pour water slowly in a circular motion around the edge of the filter. Uses the pressure of hot water being poured on to filter quickly, for a light, refreshing flavor.
DeepFill to the fourth line from the bottom and pour water in a circular motion five times.
Fill the filter to the appropriate line and pour slowly for a strong, deep flavor.