Water Sommelier
Taste Testing

We asked experts in the field of water tasting and analysis to test the cerapotta ceramic coffee filter. Each member of the panel was a JASA (Japan Aqua Sommelier Association) certified aqua sommelier with a deep knowledge of how different factors can affect water's quality, flavor, and value.
They tasted tap water, mineral water, and coffee, both with and without the filter, and reported on their findings.

Tasting Criteria
・Tap water, mineral water, and coffee were tested for flavor, aroma, texture, appearance, and other factors. Each drink was tasted first without, then with, cerapotta. The following results describe the differences the filter made.
・Results are based on a sensory evaluation. Average values from scores given by three tasters shown.

Tap Water (Soft)

Tap Water (Soft)Tap Water (Soft)
・Irritant odors (chlorine, etc.) were reduced.
・Odd-tasting elements were removed, allowing the natural sweetness to become more prominent.
・Rough deposits were eliminated for a smoother texture and more pleasing aftertaste.
・Softer, smoother texture, with a lingering sweet aftertaste.
・All testers noticed a more balanced flavor profile overall.
・Smell, saltiness, bitterness, acridity, and metallic aftertaste were reduced. All other factors gained higher scores as a result.

Negative factors were reduced, bringing out the water's natural sweetness and aftertaste.

Mineral Water (Hard)

Mineral Water (Hard)Mineral Water (Hard)
・Mild, sweet flavor
・Smoother, more mellow and thicker texture was reported.
・Remove mellow texture.
・Essential flavor of the water was increased.
・Saltiness, bitterness, and acridity were reduced. All other factors gained higher scores as a result.

While the difference was less pronounced, the filter helped improve mellowness and texture for a more balanced flavor profile.


・The filter has the most dramatic effect on coffee compared to tap and mineral water.
・Improved the coffee's soft, mellow texture.
・Eliminated odd, off-flavor elements.
・Sweet and sour flavors became more pronounced.
・Enhanced balance between bitterness, sourness, and aroma.
・Using the paper filter produced a light, refreshing brew with a bitter flavor; cerapotta, however, also brought out sweeter flavor elements.
・A rich texture with good body.
・Less bitter and refreshing, but all other factors gained higher scores.

Produced a better balance between bitterness, sourness, and aroma, while bringing out other flavors for a richer, deeper taste overall.